Team Selection

Picking your Dirt Fantasy League team couldn't be easier. Simply select a team of five riders - four men and one woman - ensuring that the total value of your team does not exceed your budget of one million pounds (1000k).

Or, if you wish, you can use our Lucky Dip team selector. This feature will randomly select a valid team for you in seconds - all you have to do is confirm that you are happy with the selections, or make the necessary changes to ensure that you are.

Select your team by the start of the game at 14:30 BST on Saturday 18th May to begin scoring points for the first UCI World Cup round at Fort William, Great Britain. If you register after this time, you will only begin to score points from the following UCI World Cup round.

It's as simple as that. Your only decision lies with which riders to pick - do you spend big on the likes of Aaron Gwin and Floriane Pugin, only to fill the rest of your team with bargain basement riders, or do you go for the more consistent approach and pick a range of mid-priced riders?

Don't worry too much, though - unlimited team changes prior to the first UCI World Cup round mean that you can change your mind as much as you like!

After that, you can make up to a maximum of two team changes between rounds, with a maximum of 10 team changes for the entire competition. For more details on changing your team, click here.

Please note that rider values in the Dirt Fantasy League game are in no way indicative of their real-life salaries.