Before you e-mail us for help, please look around the site and at the points below.

If you have any problems, most of them can be solved by following the advice given here or in the How To Play section.

If your question is not answered here, please visit the Contact Us section of the website. Please include your email address in all correspondence, and if possible, make sure you are logged in before sending your query. Only matters that are not answered below will be replied to.

How do I pick my team?

To select your team to take part in the competition, go to the Register section of the website. Firstly, complete all the relevant fields to register your personal details and team name. Then, to select your riders, simply highlight each of your chosen riders in turn and click the SELECT button to include them in your team or click the LUCKY DIP button for an automated selection.

Please note that once you have selected three men, one woman or one junior, no other riders of that gender or age group will appear to be available for selection until such time that one of your current selections are removed.

For further details on team selection, please visit the Team Selection page.

How many teams may I enter?

Any one user can only enter one team into the game.

How do I log on to view my team?

Firstly, click the Login link (top-right). Type your email address and password in the appropriate boxes, then press the LOGIN button. You will then be automatically forwarded to your team screen where you can view your progress and make team changes.

I have forgotten my password!

Go to the Lost Password section of the website and enter your email address to receive an email reminder.

If you fail to receive an e-mail within an hour of requesting the reminder (after checking your spam filter and junk mail folder), go to the Contact Us section to register your query. Please include your e-mail address, team name and manager name in any correspondence.

When can I make team changes?

Before the start of the game at 14:30 BSTT on Saturday 8th June (the scheduled start time of qualifying for the opening UCI World Cup round at Fort William, Great Britain), team changes are unlimited.

After this time, team changes can then be made from 00:00 GMT on the Monday following each Game Round until the scheduled start of qualifying in the following round.

How does my team score points?

Go to the Scoring Points section where the various ways of accumulating points are clearly stated.

When are the scores updated?

Rider list and team scores will be updated on the website by approximately 12:00 GMT/BST on Monday following each round.

I have a points discrepancy. Who do I contact?

Firstly, read the Scoring Points section thoroughly. If you are still unsure regarding a rider's score or your own team score, please visit the Contact Us section of the website to register your query. Please give as many details as possible so that we can fully investigate your query.

I keep getting automatically logged-out. How can I stop this?

It is almost certain that this is due to the local settings on your computer. Ensure that cookies are enabled within your web browser and try again - please refer to You may also need to remove your temporary internet items (on Internet Explorer - Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files) and check your cache settings (on Internet Explorer - Tools, Internet Options, Settings, Automatically).

What do I do if I get "Failed to retrieve user details stored in the Session"?

Again, it is very likely that this is due to the settings on your internet browser. Follow the instructions for the point above.